GoKnots Brush


$14.99 $24.99
Go Knots Pink


No tugging here: the revolutionary GoKnots bristle design frees knots and tangles gently and effortlessly, avoiding breakage and split ends. GoKnots smoothes hair’s outer cuticle layer as it glides through, keeping hair healthy, shiny, and smooth. The unique comfort bristles massage the scalp and stimulate circulation as you detangle. The ergonomic handle makes for simple, comfortable use.

Get loose and GoKnots with the ultra-gentle detangling hairbrush that’s perfect for all hair types!

·         Detangles gently and painlessly

·         Reduces pulling, avoiding breakage and split ends

·         Prevents tugging and snarls caused by re-tangling

·         Gently massages scalp and stimulates circulation

·         Works well on wet or dry hair

·         Excellent for all hair types, including fragile and/or

·         chemically treated hair

·         Safe for wigs and extensions

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